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Rosette Design - The Basics

Our rosettes are made to order, so they arrive 'fresh' to you. This section explains how to decide what we are going to make for you.
Don't worry if you think this is complicated. We are here to help and are happy to discuss what you do or do not need. Just give us a call.

1. What kind of rosettes do you want?

For minor placings, most customers start with 1, 2 or 3 tier Lord rosettes. Then, for major awards, we usually make Moocraft Specials,
varying their size and 'fanciness' to suit. Customers on a tight budget may choose Hector rosettes for these.

Ribbon Colours - standard colours held in stock

2. What colour ribbon are we going to use?

Here are our standard satin ribbon colours. Please note, there will be colour variations depending on your monitor or printer.
These are here to give you a good idea of what is available. Colours appearing on the left represent standard 1st to 7th placing colours.

1st red dark red burgundy dark purple
2nd royal navy light blue cornflower
3rd yellow gold bronze cream
4th emerald dark green sea green light green
5th orange peach brown  
6th baby pink pink rouge lilac
7th white black silver  








Your organisation may have its own colours, or you may have a colour scheme in mind. You may just want us to take care of it.
As a guide, 3 colours is normally enough for any rosette. 2 complimentary colours look great, even on a large Special.

Centreboard Colours - standard colours held in stock

3. What centreboard colours are we going to use?

Here are our standard centreboard colours. Again, there may be colour variations. Colours on the left represent 1st to 7th placings.

1st dark red cherry purple  
2nd mid blue navy pale blue azure
3rd lemon cream enamel    
4th mid green dark green light green  
5th orange brown    
6th pink lilac    
7th white black gel silver (to order) gold (to order)








Choose centreboard colours to match ribbon colours. Alternatively, a carefully chosen different centreboard colour will contrast well.

Centreboard Printing - foil printing options

4. What are we going to print on each rosette centreboard?

OPTION 1 - traditional foil print
The wording around the outside is usually the name of your show or event.
Award placings appear in the middle. Best in Show, Champion, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.

OPTION 2 - foil printed logo
Your logo fills the whole centreboard. A well designed logo really makes a rosette stand out.
The downside is there is no room for award placings, which can be printed on tails instead.
Want your rosettes to have a logo? See logo design.

OPTION 3 - foil printed logo and text
Your logo is designed so that there is enough space below to overprint the award,
subject to an additional small cost dependant on quantitiy required.





Centreboard Centreboard Printing - foil print colour options

5. What colour foil are we going to use on the centreboard?

Our standard foil print colour.

Looks fantastic with certain ribbon colour combinations. Ideal for silver anniversaries.



Rosette Fixing Options - safety pin, cow tape, bridle clip

6. What type of fixing are we going to use?

There are 3 types of fixing for securing rosettes, These are:

Our standard fixing.

Used to attach rosettes to livestock pens, cages etc.

Designed to be attached to animal harnesses.






Centreprint examples

Fixing examples

That's basic rosette design. However, if you want something different, we may be able to help. Following are the other options available:

Rosette Tail Printing

You may wish wording to be printed on your rosette tails; e.g. special awards, year, sponsor etc.
This is a great way to make a rosette look even more impressive. Tail printing is charged as follows:

Charge for each printed tail: 50p/print


Large volume prints can be agreed at reduced rates dependant on quantity and number of
setting changes; e.g. you may want a sponsor name on every rosette for your event.

Extras - commonly used extras pricing

To distinguish between awards and to make our rosettes stand out,
we can add various extra details. The most common extras are outlined below as follows:

Extra tier 24mm plain ribbon 45p each
Extra tier 36mm plain ribbon 75p each
Points 24mm plain ribbon 10p each
Points 36mm plain ribbon 10p each
Loops 24mm plain ribbon 10p each
Loops 36mm plain ribbon 10p each
Double loops 24mm over 36mm 15p each
Extra tail 24mm plain ribbon 20p per tail
Extra tail 36mm plain ribbon 35p per tail



largest text size tail print

smaller text size tail print

3 tier Lord rosette with a 24mm and 36mm extra tier, points

Special Ribbons - not held in stock

We can order a wide range special ribbons not held in stock. For example:

Ribbon Type Description
tartans many types are available
lurex gold and silver held in stock
other ribbons lace, sheer, gosgrain, velvet etc.





Why use special ribbon?
Your club may be celebrating a 25th or 50th anniversary, for example.

Special ribbons are priced subject to availability and quantity required.
You must order early, and we may insist on a minimum order size.

Logo Design - making your rosette stand out

Your club or organisation may have a logo, which can be made into a print block.

Customised logo print block: £40.00


The cost is one-off and may be a considered good investment.

1 & 2 tier rosettes with gold/silver lurex ribbon

1 & 2 tier gosgrain, sheer, 1 & 2 tier polka-dot rosettes

logo print block ready for action